I am doing an extreme clean out of my craft room to make room for new projects and added many items since the original schedule. Therefore, I am selling hundreds and hundreds of items including stamps, papers, embellishments, papercrafting tools, albums, storage containers and others. The prices are amazing!  Many items for a nickel, dime or quarter. The sale will be:

Saturday, September 12, 8:00 AM until 1:00 PM

So what can you get at this sale? I am still adding things to the stash, but you can see some examples here:

So now for the fine print. Cash only, OR I will take Paypal for purchases over $15. Absolutely NO CHECKS. All sales final. No early sales, and we will close promptly at 1:00 PM.

Come and bring your friends! Hope to see you then.

Alaska Scrapbook Part 1 - Ketchikan

I guess I didn't get back on this blog as quickly as I said, did I? Anyway, Dave and took a wonderful cruise to Alaska on the Celebrity Solstice and then spent a few days in Seattle. We took the trip with my brother Kevin and sister-in-law Barbara, and Barbara's brother Jerry and his wife Christal. We all had a wonderful time.

I have started scrapping our adventures. Between the two of us, we came back with almost 500 photos. It has been really difficult to winnow them down to a reasonable number, and then select even fewer for inclusion in the scrapbook. Here are the pages from Ketchikan, our first port of call. Just imagine these pages side by side, left and right.

The first set is our arrival and docking in Ketchikan. It was about 7:00 in the morning of May 24.

Dave and I , along with Kevin and Barbara, took a trolley tour up the coast to seek out wildlife. We saw dozens of eagles, a salmon hatchery, and harbor seals.

Our next stop was at Saxman Village where there is a large collection of totems. They are amazing. One of the totems was a shame pole of Abraham Lincoln. There are several interpretations about why the Tinglit people decided Lincoln needed to be shamed, but the painting of his lips on the pole indicates that they felt he had misspoken about something.

Creek Street is a boardwalk of shops, museums and residences. During the gold rush days, it was the red-light district of Ketchikan.

One of the most famous of the "sporting women" in Ketchikan was Dolly Arthur. Her house has been preserved much as she left it upon her death in the 1970s. She is said to have conducted her last business transaction at the age of 72.

There is a funicular up the steep mountainside along Creek Street. At the top is a wonderful lodge and restaurant with a spectacular view.

My baby brother turn O.L.D. on May 24 too. We all made sure he wouldn't forget his birthday with a pirate theme.

I am currently working on Tracy Arm Fjord and the Sawyer Glacier. I will post them as soon as completed. That's where a lot of our photos were taken. Alaska is so beautiful and we saw just such a small part of it.

Until next time,

I'm Back

I know - it's been a very long time. When I returned from Florida I myself was ill and the recovery has been long and arduous. I have sarcoidosis, which takes a lot out of me. On top of that, the treatment is prednisone which is in some ways a miracle drug, but comes with a whole list of nasty side effects that are unpleasant. The good news is I am feeling quite well now and have resumed all my creative efforts with a bang! I will be posting some of the latest here in just a few days.

I am also cleaning up my "woman cave" and will be selling some items, which you will find on the separate page on this blog. Look for that list coming in a week or two. I have great "stuff" which I love dearly, but I just have so very much that it doesn't get used. It needs to go to a new home.

So hang in there and come visit me again soon. Photos to be posted by Friday for sure!